Friday, January 29, 2010

Angels are with us

Or at-least the milk. It seems that we have had just about every possible hang up that you can imagine, but yet, the common thread is that of assistance. The personnel involved in the shipment and at the quarantine department have been amazingly helpful in working to expedite the process of getting this precious milk to Mikayla still frozen! Tomorrow will be SIX days on a shipment that was supposed to be 1-3. However, we did plan for delay and have done all that we can to ensure that it will arrive frozen. I will be eagerly awaiting the news when it is picked up, but somehow, deep inside of me, I feel that all is well. I don't know if that is just the relaxing affects of lactation or if it is my intuition. Usually, I am good at knowing things without evidence, but lately I am just so relaxed! LOVE it!

So, today is my 36th birthday and I am sitting in a hotel room all alone in San Francisco at a yoga conference. I walked across the street and treated myself to a bottle of wine and some deli food. Sitting here, with the keyboard as my companion, I am left wondering what to do next. I sure would love a piece of birthday cake. Tomorrow, my stepbrother is taking me out to dinner and I am very much looking forward to it.

As I looked in the mirror tonight and toasted myself to a successful past year of life, I felt blessed to just get through to the other side. I walk around this hotel full of yoga celebrities and yoga hard bodies everywhere. I shop at the vendors and nothing is suitable for my body. Easily, I could allow this to bother me, but I don't. I simply feel honored to be who I am, where I am, with the past that I have. I feel blessed to be alive and in good health. And THIS, my dear friends, is yoga. This, being present, living and breathing what yoga is and teaches within my soul. Truly, I am growing and maturing toward all the wisdom that God will allow.

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