Saturday, January 16, 2010

Maybe I have a new lease on life

The last two days have been much more positive for me and I recognize that it could also be due to the fact that I am quite busy, but I will take it!

It seems that right now, I am noticing a different perspective in my view on aspects of my life that are no different than they were right before the birth of my surro baby. My thought is that having gone through this difficult experience of surrogacy and certainly the trauma of the birth complications has allowed me to see things differently. I feel somehow that life is more manageable. Life is more possible and how do I say, maybe more enjoyable? As I return to my 'normal' life, I feel that the same things that stressed me previously do not matter as much. What I might also assume is that I feel this way simply because I am so close to the whole experience and still in the postpartum period. My ideal would be to maintain this same perception and approach to my life. Being able to go through life without stress and anxiety and the feeling of being overwhelmed is a constant struggle for me and it seems much more natural now. Here's to hoping it is a permanent character change due to a traumatic life experience! I'm loving feeling more accepting of me and all the aspects of my life!

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