Wednesday, February 24, 2010


It's official. I'm me again. Well, actually, me, only Better. I feel like myself again and I am loving it. I may not be in the physical shape that I am typically, but mentally and emotionally, I am there. The feeling of knowing myself and being familiar with my feelings, thoughts and attitudes is so empowering right now. Days and days go by and I realize that I haven't even written because I haven't really needed to.

There's been one thing I notice and that is how I relate to my body in relation to the physical birth. I feel that the traumatic nature of the birth affected how I relate to my femininity and romance. I am very uncomfortable feeling romantic and en-amorous. Although I have noticed this for a while, I attributed it to the adjustments that I was going through. I now feel that it is something that I need to write and talk through to let go of and heal over. This, however is something that I will save for my book as it will be deeper and more intimate in nature. I'm hoping that by getting my thoughts and feelings out, I can again feel connected to, safe within and open to my femininity and romance. While my man is amazing, it would be neglectful to not work at being the loving woman that he fell for.


  1. Hi fellow surrogate! There are many supportive woman over at forums if you need it. I bookmarked your blog so that I can get myself up to date with everything. You seem to have over 100 posts. My blog is if you wanted to keep in touch. I love hearing and keeping up with new stories.

  2. Tara once again you hit it right on the head! :) Glad your feeling better, I feel great also I think its all the working out I have been doing :)

  3. i didn't know about surroworld and i will check it out.

    good for you tina. sad to say that even as a yoga instructor, i am lacking motivation that i typically i full of. BUT, i make myself do it any way.