Tuesday, August 18, 2009

she's a wiggly one

So, little girl has her back against my back most of the time, which means that her limbs are facing my belly. Which means.........I feel EVERY movement! She has a habit of waking around 6 or 7 AM but the other night I was restless, tossing all night. Apparently it affected her sleep too because she didn't stir until 8:30 AM! Glad to know that for the first time, I will get to SLEEEEPPP after having a baby.

I am now 22.5 weeks and am eagerly looking forward to the birth, but have a long time to go. There is this feeling that I have that it will be very fast. I have had two that were quite fast. Hmmm. We'll see.

Although I am feeling well now, I do feel ill still if I splurge on meat or dairy too much. So, still working on vegan and really looking forward to a burger.

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