Thursday, July 23, 2009

Tomorrow is the day

That we find out if it is a boy or girl ( I think Boy. We'll see). As I am enjoying the summer, my focus on different areas of my life shifts. I am playing more with the kids and trying to be out doors as much as I can. With fall around the corner, and work projects currently in full force, I wonder how beginning home-schooling and all of the children's activities will fit in to my tired, pregnant self.

Since I teach prenatal yoga, I have the opportunity to create relationships with soon to be and new parents. Because of this, I get to follow them (if they are a friend on Facebook) and be reminded how beautiful that sacred space and time as a new parent of a newborn is (thanks Julie ;-). I am recently reminded why I have a heart for surrogacy and how excited I am for the day that I can give this little one over to it's eager parents. To be a part of helping a family change their lives forever feels more like a gift to me. I'll carry it with me forever.

All of this is being followed and written about in a book to be published next year. I look forward to having that as a legacy of this beautiful journey.

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