Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Finally did a picture.......

But I don't like it. Here's to a trooper of a man-friend who took my photo. Thanks mom and dad for the great tops! 18 weeks and four more days to the gender ultrasound! I'm still feeling sick if I eat dairy or animals of any kind......waiting for energy to return. Apparently it will be next year ;-) So happy to be feeling better and able to function, but still coming to terms with being weaker. Tough to accept from a strong yoga girl!

I think the yoga is affecting the baby. It is VERY strong and does yoga itself! I swear it feels like it is twice the size the way it stretches and poses. Pretty sweet feeling the movements, but some-times startling and uncomfortable already. Good thing I can handle it! Can't wait to SEE baby rolling around.

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