Monday, September 21, 2009

I'm just so tired.....

Tired and headaches. Complainy, right? It is bedtime, and I get whiny. Thankfully, my boyfriend is very tolerant and patient with me. Why is it that this pregnancy is so much harder all together than the others? Everything seems more intense. Is it the difference in it being a surrogacy or the difference from being a single mother to being married? I certainly have more responsibility and obligations now. These all keep me quite busy. But, altogether, it is just more intense. Maybe if I were able to slow down more often. Maybe if I could relax longer and more frequently.

I'm simply praying now that I just have the ability to accept the differences and just roll with the punches as much as possible. So, because my head hurts and I am exhausted, that is all of the pondering even though it is a only a most 9:30, goodnight.

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