Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I am currently............

Six weeks and two days pregnant! My IP (Intended Parents) are international and flew in to meet me in San Diego for the transfer. We transfered two 5 day embryos and were blessed to have a pregnancy with the first try! In two days, we get to have an ultrasound and see if there is one or two little hearts beating. Either way, we are thankful and humbled to have quick success. The morning sickness is here and does not feel compelled to be present in the morning only. All of the symptoms of pregnancy are a reminder of years past, carrying my own babies and I am so excited to give that joy to my IP in December! They are so excited and wonderful people, it makes it even more exciting for me.

Our prayers are on the next couple of months that the baby grows well and I can still run my busy, busy wonderful life with morning sickness all day! Teaching yoga is certainly challenging with my weakness, but keeps me healthy..........:-)

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